Movie Review: Act of Valor at Village Theater

“The only easy day was yesterday.” 

Walking into the big, crowded theater at Village Theater, I was surprised at how many people were talking amongst themselves before the movie. It seemed that everyone in the back few rows knew each other. Whether they were talking about the movie they were about to see or the things they had done earlier in the day, I am not sure, but, I do know that the happy and friendly crowd of people waiting in their large, red theater seats were about to have the mood swing of their lives.

Spoiler Alert

Act of Valor, an action packed movie featuring active duty Navy SEALs as the main characters, opens with a terrifying sequence of a terrorist killing a US Ambassador and numerous children. From then on, the movie follows a group of SEALs and focuses on two missions assigned to the team. Ending with one SEAL paying the ultimate price, the plot intertwines the SEALs lives at war with their families at home.

End Spoiler Alert

The movie shows how the SEALs use modern warfare techniques to fight global terrorism.

“The movie made me feel like I was right there with the team,” said moviegoer Sean Putnam. “I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action packed thrillers and wants an inside look at what the SEAL Teams do to protect our country.”

Many scenes are filmed in Coronado and Imperial Beach, along Ocean Boulevard and driving across the bridge, which reminded me of how close this story is to the community here. Then, realizing that this story is based on real events and stars real SEALs drives it home even more.

This movie is not for the faint of heart. With torture scenes, many killed, and lots of blood, a mature audience is strongly encouraged. 

Leaving this movie, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride knowing that these men were not actors, but real men from our country and our community here in Coronado. Take a close look at their faces, Coronadoans may recognize some of the SEALs, I know I did!

Interesting fact from IMBD: During production, after the SEALs became frustrated that they were not being accurately depicted, they were invited to play key roles in the cast.

Rated R- violence including torture, language

Starring: Active Duty Navy SEALs

Length: 1hr 51 mins

Village Theater Movie Times

Previous story on Act of Valor with Coronado still.


“There is a brotherhood between us. If you are not ready to give up everything, you have already lost.” 

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Comment by Surf's Up Studios Coronado on March 1, 2012 at 12:55pm

Excellent review.  Thank you!  Looking forward to seeing it at the Village Theater.

Comment by lisa on March 4, 2012 at 11:24pm

I loved this movie and felt a sense of pride and gratitude for what the SEALS and their families sacrifice for us.  The marginal acting did not bother me because I was so taken that these were real SEALs.  Perfect to see in Coronado!

Comment by Mari Beth Stull on March 5, 2012 at 11:31am

AWESOME movie!  Should be required viewing for all Coronado kids (over a certain age - the torture scenes killed me).  Made me realize how amazing our military community is here - especially our SEALs, 

It was inspiring to see it in our own theater.  I had the feeling that nearly everyone in the cinema had their own story to tell.

Comment by CECILIA A. CASEY (Cece) on March 5, 2012 at 11:56am

Ashley - stellar review! Native Coronado kid here - retired Navy kid .etc.. i sat front row center in my local theater here in VA and adored every single moment of the movie (not the getting killed part) but the kick tucas and take names SEALS! So proud of them for taking the reins of the movie - I cannot imagine any big time actor pulling off any of those amazing actions... And you are right about leaving the theater so proud of my fellow nado residents!GO NAVY GO SEALS!

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