Mr. Bill Petersen celebrates 94 years young on 28 February, 2010

Bill Petersen had the Golden Rule Society’s Wings pinned on his favorite

baseball cap to mark his 94th birthday.

Len “Ski” Kaine, founder and president of the Golden Rule Society

(GRS) was honored to make the presentation. Kaine thanked Bill for

dedicating his lifetime to living the Golden Rule, that is treating people the way we all

want to be treated…truthfully with dignity and respect.

Bill continues to be a model of the GRS philosophy…”To better the lives of others

is your life’s greatest reward.”

Bill’s daughter Deanna and her husband Gayle are Bill’s biggest fans for all the

kindness Bill continues to share with his Coronado neighbors.

“We’re all blessed to have Bill as a member of our home town community,

because we all need more people like Bill Petersen in our lives” added

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