My Little Cutie Pie: Cranberry-Pear-Ginger Miniature Pies

Sweetie-Pie, Pie of Pies, Newfie-Pie, Noodle-Pie, Pieder-dog and Pie-Dog are just a few of the terms of endearment Dooley has acquired in his almost-13 years.

What a Cutie Pie!

Cutie Pie, Flipside, Piejar, Piepop, and Petit-5 are Danie Cone's terms of endearment for her handmade, all-natural miniature pies featured in her Cutie PIES: 40 Sweet, Savory, and Adorable Recipes, of which I recently received a review copy. Dani is also the owner of Seattle's High 5 Pie,a pie shop that sells these pies.

The cover photo of a Pear-Cranberry-Ginger Piejar looked beautiful and festive for this time of year. However, I was unable to find mini-mason jars and settled on these pretty 4 1/2-inch ramekins, from Cost Plus World Market.

Most of the recipes are adaptable for Cutie Pies (baked in a standard 12-cup muffin pan), Petit 5s (baked in a mini-muffin pan), Flipsides (updated version of the classic turnover), Pie Pops (pie lollipops), Piejars (baked in mini mason jars), or a single 9-inch pie. Piejars are the most charming to me, and would make lovely holiday gifts, so I do need to track these down. Even our local Leroy's serves desserts in jars.

Cutie Piesoffers four crust options: All-Butter, Graham Cracker, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.  Some crusts work better with certain pie shapes or fillings, and that is noted in each recipe. The same applies to the three Pie Tops: Flat top, lattice top, and Crumb top. For the Cranberry-Pear-Ginger Pie, the All-Butter Crust and Crumb Top are recommended.

Cranberry-Pear-Ginger Filling
Sprinkled with Crumb Topping, and ready for baking


Visit There's a Newf in My Soup! for the Cranberry-Pear-Ginger Cutie Pies recipe.


Happy Holidays,

Denise & John

There's a Newf in My Soup!

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