Nicky Rottens Welcomes All Ages - Gets "Family Friendly" Liquor License

Source:  Nicky Rottens Facebook Page:

Good Morning Everybody! We have some great news to share with you......CHILDREN OF ALL AGES ARE NOW ALLOWED AT NICKY ROTTENS AND we can serve drinks on the patio. Our license has officially passed. Please come celebrate!!!!  Below is a photo of one of our owners Betsy Green having the first cocktail EVER on the patio!:)

At Nicky Rottens we prepare each meal with the same care and high quality ingredients we would when preparing it for ourselves or our families because we (and often our families) also eat our food! All of our  hand-pressed burgers are made from Grade A cornfed Midwestern beef, and we use only fresh organic vegetables, sliced fresh each day! Our sauces are made in-house every morning, to ensure that you receive the most robust, fresh taste possible.

When serving our customers we always strive to provide the level of service and care we would hope to receive ourselves! We always welcome constructive feedback from you, our customers, so that we may continue to always make your visit outstanding.

Located at 100 Orange Avenue.  Visit their website for more info.

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Comment by Buzz Fink on April 9, 2013 at 7:05pm

Awesome!  My kids can't wait.  Congrats!

Comment by John on April 9, 2013 at 11:25pm
Excellent! Who is that beautiful woman with lovely Betsy?
Comment by Jerry Toci on April 15, 2013 at 12:24pm

After all the quarrelsome, hostile, belligerent, repulsive, disgusting language emanating from Nicky Rotten's owners directed at nearby residents (resulting in some restraining orders), the atmosphere of corruption, favorable treatment and the appearance of conflicts of interest among certain City Council members, the collusion by the publicly-funded Chamber of Commerce, and even a LAWSUIT from NR's against the City (us), your publishing of this "infomercial" is not likely to inspire any Coronado resident to patronize this establishment.

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