Optometrist Dr. Stephen J. Moffett Celebrates Ten Years in Coronado

It is often rare in the 21st century to find a business focused on customer service. Sometimes, in fact, good service seems like an endangered idea or species.

Step into the office of Dr. Stephen J. Moffett, Optometrist and you are greeted by Sue Shirey, a long time Coronado mom with a friendly demeanor and smile. The office is clean, neat and inviting. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional. The staff knows you by name.

Need a new pair of glasses? Jeannette has been the optician at the Coronado optometry office for almost 10 years. She not only fits people with glasses, but goes the extra mile to make sure the glasses look good on them. Dr. Moffett explains that glasses are something many people wear all the time, so they should be comfortable and look good. “I didn’t wear glasses at first when I needed them because I felt dorky,” he shares.

Dr. Moffett was raised in Las Vegas and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV). He describes UNLV as “the only college where you can go to get an education and learn to deal blackjack too.” Who knows what he may have ended up doing (dealing blackjack?) had he not encountered vision challenges. As a college freshman, Dr. Moffett was earning B’s and C’s. He couldn’t study for long periods of time. He used his glasses (necessary since the age of 10) sparingly. After getting an astigmatism corrected, he could study longer without his eyes bothering him and began to enjoy college. “It wasn’t my brain, but my eyes that were causing bad grades,” he says. After this experience he started volunteering in an optometry office where he eventually worked as an employee. He liked the office because of the family atmosphere and the ability to forge relationships with the patients. His future was sealed as he concluded optometry was the career path for him!

After four years at Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, California, Dr. Moffett graduated with honors. Some of his training was completed with the Veterans’ Administration where he gained experience with older patients. He was also skilled with contact lenses and younger patients.

Through a mutual friend, Dr. Moffett learned that Dr. Easton (a long time Coronado optometrist) was looking for someone to buy his practice here in Coronado. They met for an interview and eventually Dr. Moffett bought the practice. He was attracted to Coronado for the quality of life and the village atmosphere.

Dr. Moffett and his wife are the proud parents of two young boys. When he isn’t in Coronado providing excellent vision care to his patients, Dr. Moffett enjoys the ocean. He loves to surf at Cardiff reef and Shipwrecks, when he can find the time. His boys love the beach and playing at the park.

Dr. Moffett is a member of the Coronado Rotary club where he enjoys the fellowship and the meetings. “The Hotel Del takes great care of us,” he says. He notes that there are a lot of neat places in Coronado, but he does enjoy the poke tacos at Leroy’s. His favorite color is blue, a fitting choice since he is a San Diego Padres fan. He has season tickets to SDSU basketball and enjoys USD basketball and baseball.

Buying the optometry practice in Coronado is “the best decision I ever made (besides marrying my wife),” he shares. He loves spending time with his family and when it comes to his practice, he focuses on prevention and diet. There are many ways to help maintain and improve your eye health. Foods such as spinach, tomatoes and salmon are all good for your eyes. Some of the most common reasons people visit Dr. Moffett include eye exams for children, reading correction and folks over 40 whose eyes are changing.

When you visit Dr. Moffett for eye care, you will enjoy a personal experience and service. He will know your family history, your eyes and what they need to remain healthy. He will meet and treat each patient as if they are part of his family. His office maintains advanced technology to screen for eye disease. Optimap, a diagnostic tool, allowing a peek at the entire retina, may be an option for you.

Dr. Moffett likes to provide eye exams for children who are three years old and older. He will see children younger than three because he believes that if you can examine children early, you can prevent some vision problems from occurring.

Dr. Moffett is a glaucoma certified optometrist and screens adults and seniors for glaucoma and cataracts. He specializes in contact lenses and prescription eye glasses. He is a Tricare provider and accepts Medicare. For complete information on all the services offered, click here.

If you are looking for eye care in Coronado, consider Dr. Stephen J. Moffett, Optometrist. He has been serving the residents of Coronado for ten years.

Happy Business Anniversary—Busiversary!  Stop in and say hi at 1010 8th Street, Suite B or call at 619-435-6221.

Kellee Hearther

Online Editor


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