Oz Con International Kicks Off in Coronado Today, August 1st

The Arts are thriving in Coronado! Today the Cultural Arts Commission (CAC) welcomes the Wizard of Oz and Oz-mania to the original Emerald City. I want to personally invite you to join us on the Yellow Brick Road as Oz once again comes to life through the magic of live theatre, dance, film, concerts and musical cabaret, exquisite exhibitions, lectures, the day-long CELEBRATE OZ! Community Festival and walking tours.

See all the Coronado activities and events here.

For the first time in Coronado's history a wide variety of arts organizations, partnering with the CAC, have come together and all focused on a common theme. Over the course of this past year, this collaborative energy has grown to produce a synergy now settling over our community like fairy dust as we show the world that there truly is no place like Coronado! From banners on our MainStreet to Oz characters marching in our July 4th parade the stage is set.

Beginning with an Exhibition at the Coronado Public Library this evening and culminating with two screenings ( a second one just added) of the 1939 Classic Wizard of Oz in 3D at our lovingly restored Village Theatre, I am sure you will delight in the many offerings created by our Community Art partners. 

Whether you fell in love with The Wizard of Oz because of Baum's books, or became a fan later in life through one of the Broadway shows, come this evening, Coronado has planned something special for everyone. So come find out why Baum called Coronado the "queen of fairy-land" and once told a journalist that "Those who do not find Coronado a paradise . . . would render heaven unpleasant."

Heidi Wilson
Vice-Chair and Commissioner of Fundraising & Special Events
Coronado Cultural Arts Commission

See the Oz Con schedule here.

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