Photos: Two New Businesses Open on Orange Avenue: DD & PP

A short photo tour of the two new businesses that just opened on Orange Avenue. Be sure to sign up to stay connected to Everything Coronado.

1.  DD = Delux Dogs at 943 Orange Avenue (more details)

The previous location for Stretch's Cafe is now Delux Dogs.

It was packed at lunch when we stopped by.  A slender space with seating on both sides.

Menu as of 4/21/12 - subject to change. 

The Delux Top Dog, 50/50 tots (regular and sweet potato) and an 'Orange' special.

The Delux Chopped Salad.

A close-up of the 50/50 tot basket with spicy kicker sauce.

Visit the Delux Dogs official website:

2.  PP = Pretty Please Fashion at 961 Orange Avenue (more details)

Yes, the contrast in this photo was planned!

Sections are arranged by color and style.

A stack of jeans almost block out the additional options deeper into the store.

Visit the Pretty Please Fashion official website:

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