Police Blotter April 10th-17th: Burglary- screen of residence cut and attempt to enter on H Ave

Thank you to the Coronado Police Department for making this information available to the public. This is a partial list:

Alcohol Related Charges

1000 block of 3rd St
disorderly conduct
Suspect arrested
4-14 at 14:07

600 block of Orange Ave
Disorderly conduct alcohol
Suspect taken to detox

500 C Ave
Disorderly conduct alcohol
Suspect arrested


Petty Theft
1500 block of Orange Ave
cell phone stolen after victim left phone in common area at the del

Petty Theft
900 block of D Ave
unknown suspect removed mail from victim’s mailbox with out her permission
3-1 through 4-9


700 block of Alameda Blvd
Unknown suspects entered a garage through an unlocked door and took two bicycles
Value: $3,500

Burglary First Degree
500 block of H Ave
unknown suspect cut a rear window screen at residence and attempted to enter, no items stolen and no suspect information
4-9 through 4-10

Attempted Burglary
800 4th St
an unknown suspect entered the unlocked side yard gate
4-10 at 3:10

Tamper with Auto
500 block of H Ave
Unknown suspect was tampering with the victim’s vehicle when the suspect was interrupted by the victim. The suspect fled the scene there was no damage done to the victim’s vehicle and no property had been taken

800 block of Orange Ave
unknown suspects, by unknown means obtained a check sent by the victim’s business and forged it in the amount of $600

Battery on a spouse or cohabitant
Location not given
Suspect was in a verbal argument with girlfriend, suspect grabbed victim and pushed her aside causing her to fall and injure her wrist
Suspect arrested

Fraudulent use of access card or account information
100 block of Orange Ave
unknown suspects opened a Pay Pal and Bill Me Later account
1-28 through 2-5


Malicious Mischief/Vandalism
200 block of Ocean Blvd
unknown suspect spray painted graffiti on lifeguard tower
4-7 through 4-9

Malicious Mischief/Vandalism
2000 block of Mullinix Drive
unknown suspect used an unknown tool to slash and deflated an inflatable boat at Tidelands Park in Coronado

Traffic Collision

700 Orange Ave
rear-end collision
driver suffered small cut to forehead and complained of neck and shoulder pain, was transported to UCSD Medical
one vehicle towed form scene
4-3 at 15:28

broadside collision
both vehicles towed form the scene
passenger suffered burn mark on right side of neck, possibly from seatbelt

3rd and C Ave
broadside collision at intersection
vehicle towed
4-9 at 14:20

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