Police Blotter Nov. 20-26: $7,000 in Jewelry Taken from Home on E Ave

Thank you to the Coronado Police Department for making this information available to the public. This is a partial list:

300 block of Orange Ave
Suspect arrested, white female age 39 from Coronado

Battery on spouse or cohabitant
Couple reported they got in a physical alteration, neither party had any physical injury and neither party required or requested medical attention, neither party desired criminal prosecution

Terrorist Threats
5th St and Orange Ave
two male suspects threatened to fight and beat up two people who were traveling in a vehicle when the suspects approached them

Malicious mischief Vandalism Misdemeanor
1200 block of 5th St
unknown suspect spray painted on the sidewalk

Get credit/others ID (Over $400)
700 block of H Ave
unknown suspect(s) made four fraudulent purchases on victims existing account and opened four new accounts with four different businesses using victims identity
Between 11-7 and 11-12

Get credit others ID
500 block of C Ave
unknown suspect(s) used victim’s personal identity to obtain a line of credit and then used the credit to make $2,954.34.

Fraudulent use of access card or account information (under $400)
Port of Spain Road
Unknown merchant accessed the bank account of the Friends of Children United Society to pay for merchandise or bills not authorized by the organization
Value: $208.21
Between 7-25 and 11-7

Failure to Appear after written promise Misdemeanor
2000 mullinix Drive
Suspect cited and released, white male age 50 from San Diego

Alcohol Related Charges

Drunk protective custody Misdemeanor
1100 block of 2nd St
suspect taken to detox, female age 26 from Imperial Beach

Drunk protective custody
1100 block of Alameda blvd
suspect taken to detox, Hispanic male age 18 from San Diego

Disorderly Conduct Alcohol: Misdemeanor
800 block of Orange Ave
suspect arrested white male age 35 from Coronado
11-20 at 18:55

Disorderly Conduct Alcohol Misdemeanor
100 block of Orange Ave
suspect arrested, white male age 29 from Carlsbad


400 block of Palm Ave
bicycle stolen from open garage
Value: $370

7400 block of Silver Strand
unknown suspects(s) using unknown tool or force, broke out the rear passenger window of victim’s vehicle and took wallet and clothing items from rear seat of the vehicle


Grand Theft Property
700 block of E Ave
a woman was hired to come clean the victim’s apartment and stole $7,000 worth of jewelry from the bathroom
Value: $7,315

Petty Theft
2000 block of 2nd St
video games and coins stolen
Value: $220
Between 11-23 and 11-24

Petty Theft
1100 block of Orange Ave
Laptop computer stolen from bus bench
Value: $200

Petty Theft
400 block of Alameda blvd
bicycle stolen from front yard
Value: $500


All information for the weekly police blotter is provided by the Coronado Police Department in the weekly press log. The information is gathered and organized into a weekly report provided by eCoronado.com. This is not a representation of all crimes that occur in Coronado. Some crimes may not be included in the report for various reasons. View reasons a crime may not be included in the weekly police blotter.

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