Recap: Google Speaks to Local Businesses at Coronado Library Winn Room

Photo:  Jaron Daugherty from Google discusses Google Plus at the Coronado Library Winn room.

Last Thursday, Google came to Coronado to speak to local businesses about their free services Google Places and Google Plus.  About 25 businesses were in attendance at the Coronado Library Winn room.  Google reps Jaron Daugherty and Ricardo Lopez led the presentation and spend about 90 minutes covering the benefits of both Google Places and Google Plus.  

The event allowed attendees to learn more and ask questions about how to make these services work for their business.  Jaron went into detail on how to sign up and claim your business on Google Places as well as how to set up a Google Plus page specifically for your business.

After the presentation, attendees were able to get 1-on-1 help for their business and work directly on their listings using the Wi-Fi in the Winn room.  

For more information, visit these links or watch the video below: 

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