San Diego Dogs Music Video Released & Song on iTunes

Two San Diego teen singing stars are rising fast on the YouTube charts with a new music video/public service announcement reminding people to adopt their next dog from a local animal rescue or shelter.

San Diego residents, LIA MARIE JOHNSON, age 14 and ROXY KING, age 15 wrote the song,SAN DIEGO DOGS to the tune of Katy Perry’s, CALIFORNIA GURLS. But unlike most music video parodies, SAN DIEGO DOGS is a tribute to the song and includes a public service message reminding viewers to help out homeless dogs within their communities.

Lia and Roxy teamed‐up with several world‐famous San Diego dogs including Surf Dog RICOCHET, the SURFice Dog and SoCal Surf Dog, NANI when they created the video last month on location on Coronado.

Within hours of it’s YouTube debut yesterday, SAN DIEGO DOGS achieved more than 1700 “likes” and 20,000 views ‐ putting it on track to possibly go viral and help many homeless animals find a new life and a new home with a loving family.  

The music video and song single were also released on iTunes yesterday ‐ where all net proceeds go to the HELEN WOODWARD ANIMAL CENTER and the AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION.

Lia and Roxy performed together twice earlier this year when they sang the National Anthem at LA COSTA RESORT for a national tennis tournament and when they joined in with the SAN DIEGO CHILDREN’S CHOIR at the JAPANESE FRIENDSHIP GARDENS in BALBOA PARK to raise money for the JAPANESE RED CROSS during the Tsunami disaster.

Ricochet will make appearances on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD this Wednesday to promote the American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards that will be broadcast this Friday on the Hallmark channel, where she'll be receiving an award in the "Emerging Hero" category. She'll also be receiving a "dog of the year" award from the ASPCA in New York next Thursday.

SAN DIEGO DOGS was produced and directed by former WALT DISNEY COMPANY and KPIX‐TV producer, director and broadcast journalist, TONY PERRI of SURF’S UP STUDIOS, Coronado, CA.


Lia Marie Johnson & Nani

Roxy King

Roxy King & Ricochet

Lia Marie Johnson, Roxy King, & Rina

Rina, Nani, Roxy King, Mickey, & Ricochet


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Comment by brookers on November 15, 2011 at 10:35am

Love it!

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