Scottish Treasures Moving to 916 Orange Avenue from Coronado Ferry Landing in January 2013

Scottish Treasures Celtic Corner (pictured above) will be moving from their Coronado Ferry Location to 916 Orange Avenue (pictured below next door to the 76 gas station) in January 2013.  At this time, there is no information as to who will be moving in the soon to be vacant Coronado Ferry Landing spot.  The phone number and website will remain the same:

Phone:  619- 435-1880
We spoke with the owner, Tricia Logan, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for
Please confirm the name of the new business: Celtic Corner or Scottish Treasures Celtic Corner: 
Celtic Corner is also know as Scottish Treasures -- so both signs will be up on the shop.  We are planning to rebrand it as Celtic Corner and make that the primary name.  The new address is 916 Orange Avenue, but the phone number (619- 435-1880) and website will remain the same.  
When will you be opening at the new location of 916 Orange Avenue?
Well we hope to close on the 30th at the Landing and open up on Jan. 5th at the new location -- we are working very hard to make that date, but it is flexible.

Tricia Logan holds up a first place ribbon for best decorated business at Coronado Ferry Landing (2011).

Please share your Coronado story and how a Scottish company made it's way to "our island"? 
Some 25 years ago my mum decided this was the place she wanted to live.  Scottish Treasures actually started out as a business called "Loganbearies" -- bears dressed in tartan outfits.  We started attending all the Scottish events in California, then Arizona, Washington, Utah, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada were added!  The bear business gradually changed over the years and eventually became known as Scottish Treasures when it merged with another business.  Eventually the calls to the house for product became overwhelming, so the next obvious step was to open a shop in our home town!  That was 14 years ago.  We will actually celebrate 25 years in business next May.

Describe the types of "treasures" you have been selling and will continue to sell in the new location?
We will continue with everything currently in the store and as always, add new product when we go to Scotland and Ireland to shop.  Our most popular items are the Scottish and Irish jewelry, the knitwear for babies and adults, our bone china cups, saucers and teapots, rugby and Guinness clothing, British food, and our tartan ties and scarves.

We see that you have kilts for rent. We are curious, what type of events do most people rent them for?
The majority are rented for weddings but also formal occasions, such as New Year's Eve, and the special events in the Scottish community, such as Robert Burn's celebrations in January, the Tartan Ball in November and the Scottish Games in Vista every June.  Oh, but also rent for the St. Patrick's Day parade in Balboa.

When you aren't busy in the shop, what do you do in your spare time to relax or perhaps enjoy doing in Coronado?
Well, I love to hike and bike so very often I'm on the bike path between Coronado and Imperial Beach.  I also enjoy many of the great restaurants in Coronado, attending the Coronado Playhouse, and going to our beautiful movie theater.  
Thanks again and good luck with the new location. Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
One thing about our shop is when you are looking for that very different baby item, wedding item, or unique piece of jewelry, you can usually find it in our store.  We serve Southern California as one of the only store fronts left with both Scottish and Irish giftware and attire.  If we don't have what someone is looking for, we can usually find it!  Our family owned business is certainly known for exceptional customer service and taking the extra step to find what the customer is looking for.  Visit our website for more information:

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