Special Session of Coronado City Council: July 8, 2010 3pm

Notice and Agenda : Special Meeting JULY 8, 2010

City Council, City of Coronado

1825 Strand Way, Coronado, CA

July 8, 2010 3 pm

1. Roll Call

2. Closed Session

Closed Session - Conference with legal counsel: Anticipated Litigation

Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 54956.9

One (1) potential case

3. COMMUNICATIONS – ORAL: Each person wishing to speak before the City Council on only matters listed on this agenda shall approach the City Council, give their name, and limit the presentation to 3 minutes.

4. City Council Business

a. Adoption of a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Coronado, California

Reciting the Fact of the Special Municipal Election Held on June 8, 2010

Declaring the result and such other matters as provided by law. (Pg. 01)

b. Provide Staff Direction on the State Route 75/282 Transportation Corridor Project

Given the Results of Proposition H on the June 8, 2010, Special Election (Pg07)


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