SUPERFROG'S Moki Martin donates $1,500 to Coronado Islander Sports

SUPERFROG Inc., producer of the SUPERFROG, SUPERSEAL and SEAL SPRINT races, presented a check for $1,500 to the Islander Sports Foundation on December 10th, 2013 to benefit Coronado Islander High School Athletics.

SUPERFROG and the Islander Sports Foundation are Coronado based partners in sports. SUPERFROG has hosted triathlon races locally for 40 years. The races were founded by local Islander legend Navy SEAL Moki Martin. The races are part of the Coronado story of 'swim-ride-run' race history. SUPERFROG Inc. is a tremendous supporter of many local organizations, and hosts challenging, world class races attracting elite athletes from around the world.

Pictured here are leaders of Coronado sports, left to right, Steve Daluz, Executive Director of the Islander Sports Foundation, MOKI Martin, Founder of SUPERFROG Inc., Coronado High School water polo coach Randy Burgess, and Coronado High School Triathlete Jack Bosworth. SUPERFROG Inc. and Coach Burgess are seeding the Coronado High School Triathlon team with a portion of the $1,500 grant. Coronado is an original Triathlon town, the contributions of SUPERFROG and legendary Coach Burgess will set the course for high school triathlon team competition.

 The Islander Sports Foundation thanks SUPERFROG Inc. for their generosity and seeding the next generation of Islander triathletes.

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Comment by lisa on December 12, 2013 at 3:45pm
Very cool. Way to go Moki!

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