Texas Chili Makes Debut In Coronado Throw-Down


Chris Nielson (left) and Rob Talbot test a batch of Granny Texarita’s family chili – a recipe handed down for generations in the Talbot family. This is the first time the infamous chili will have been served in California or, as Rob puts it, “This side of the Pecos.” Photo by Joe Ditler.


“It’s an old family recipe that my great grandmother in Texas handed down to all of us kids,” said Rob Talbot. “Granny Texarita was her name, and she would serve it to us every Friday night, rain or shine.”


Talbot and his cooking team – Jeff Tyler and Chris Nielson – will represent Lee Mather Co., Realtors in the upcoming First Annual Coronado Pet Parade & Chili Cook-Off, scheduled October 8th from 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Coronado Community Center.


“In Texas we call this a ‘throw-down,’” said Talbot. “This is the first time Grandma Texarita’s chili has been served this side of the Pecos River.” Talbot joined the team at Lee Mather Co., Realtors earlier this year. He is, obviously, a Texas transplant. “I just hope the people of Coronado are ready for this,” he said.


The Coronado Real Estate Association and the City of Coronado are sponsoring the event. Proceeds go to support PAWS of Coronado.


Great Grandma Texarita's family chili recipe is expected to get the judges' attention one way

or another at the First Annual Coronado Pet Parade and Clili Cook-Off. The question is,

asks Rob Talbot, 'Is Coronado ready for Grandma Texarita's chili?'"


A panel of local judges will select the best chili of the year. Admission to the Pet Parade and Chili Cook-Off is free. For more information on the event call (619) 435-5200. Lee Mather Co., Realtors has been serving Coronado since 1953. For more information, visit the LMC website at www.leemather.com.


This story was produced by Joe Ditler and Part-Time PR,

serving all of Coronado's publicity needs.

For more information call 619.435.0767

or write josephditler@san.rr.com.





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Comment by Mayor Casey Tanaka on September 27, 2012 at 11:23pm

I can't wait to try some of this chili!!

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