Time Travel at the Hotel Del Coronado

The motion picture Somewhere in Time lay on the pages of film history as a blend of "cult classic" and just plain "romantic classic".  It's based upon the book Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson, which takes place right at the Hotel Del Coronado.

When it came time to turn the novel into a film, Coronado was the preferred location, but unfortunately, with military aeroplanes flying into Naval Air Station North Island throughout the day, this was no longer an option.

The book, however, remains very clearly the account of events that took place at the Hotel Del Coronado.

For our 10th wedding anniversary, my two parents, my two siblings, and my two siblings-in-law pooled their money and purchased us a fantastic wedding gift:  two nights at the very hotel that Richard Collier used as a launch pad to travel back in time.

We waited until off-season when we could use our two nights and get a 3rd night free.

During our stay we walked down to the beautiful Coronado Public Library and each checked out a copy of Bid Time Return.

Then we read the book in our 1880's era room and attempted to travel back in time...

We were delightfully successful, if not literally, then figuratively.

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Comment by helen cade on October 9, 2012 at 10:23am

"Somewhere in time"--one of my all-time favorites..I didnt know  the book took place at the Hotel Del...What a nice  time you must have had celebrating!

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