Traffic Collision on the Bridge - Expect Traffic Heading East (Off Island)

Police are on scene of a traffic collision east bound on the Coronado Bridge.  Only one traffic lane is open east bound and traffic is backed up.  You may want to use an alternate route.  Above photo shows traffic backed up at Glorietta Blvd. and Visalia Row (in front of Coronado Golf Course entrance).

Update:  All lanes now clear.

Access Coronado Bridge Cameras:

1.  Click this website:
2.  Select the 'cameras' box on the top left
3.  Select 'San Diego'
4.  Use the '+' sign to zoom in closer to Coronado

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Comment by Dana S. Chisholm on March 22, 2014 at 10:47am

I was very discouraged watching the people handle the accident yesterday. Every day our traffic is crazy in front of our house when the military bases release their employees - or have a shift change - just as our schools are letting out, also. I normally don't go out during this time, but had to get to LA to speak at a college. I sat in the traffic waiting before I realized what had happened and it was too late to reroute, and watched our guys in uniform literally drive the wrong way in traffic to cut in line - really unable to go anywhere any way. I have such respect for our military - it was disgraceful to see that behavior in a situation that couldn't be avoided. I was saddened. :-( You would think our bases would have figured out a way to stagger the shift changes or something to relieve some of the traffic situations - it doesn't take much to get us to the Tipping Point - just one accident - and our guys are misbehaving. Hey Base Commanders - Maybe figure out a way to back us off the Tipping Point just a bit (?)

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