Video: Ken Kramer Show: Ferryboat San Diego and Shipwreck Monte Carlo

San Diego's greatest historian and newsman is KPBS' Ken Kramer. His weekly television show, "Ken Kramer's About San Diego," captures incredible pieces of history involving the secrets and jewels of San Diego County. These two segments air back to back beginning with a story on the Ferryboat San Diego and her demise (first aired May 31, 2012), followed by a segment on the shipwreck Monte Carlo, and an interview with 92-year-old Colonel Richard Kenney (first aired May 24, 2012). Thank you to Debbie Riddle and Lee Mather Co., Realtors and the Bruce Muirhead Family for funding the expedition to San Francisco to witness the final hours of the ferryboat San Diego. Thank you too, to the Coronado Public Library, for their continued success in preserving and exhibiting Coronado history.

Credit for video and text:  Joe Ditler and KPBS' Ken Kramer:

Enjoy the video (and history):

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Comment by lisa on June 4, 2012 at 7:22am

Nicely done Joe and Ken!  Great footage.

Comment by Donald Charles Childs on June 5, 2012 at 10:20am

Excellent historical thumbnail regarding the Monte Carlo.  I lived in Coronado until mid-1948, schooled through the Eighth Grade, and my extended family did also.  My Grandfather, Charles Francis Marvin, lived at 721(?) H Street in a home he had built.  As a Master Carpenter, he built and worked on many residences in Coronado, and also worked at the Hotel Del.  As a youngster, I, my cousins; Charlie, and Paul W. Jr Marvin, Vernon Hansen, as well as the Muirhead boys, used to play in the woodpile at Grandpa's house which contained many salvaged wooden articles from the Monte Carlo.  As a matter of fact, I would not doubt if the truck being loaded with salvage on South Beach--as shown in Ken Kramer's tv presentation--did not belong to my Grandfather, Charles Marvin.  I really enjoyed the old movies, and the interview.  The Muirhead/San Diego Ferry coverage was also memorable and much appreciated.  Thanks to all!

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