The Village Theater should be revitalized, not reconstructed. The idea of removing the tile and the ticket booth are certainly not what I want at a time when we are trying our best to preserve the charm of Coronado. I've seen the drawings of the prospective "new" theater and wonder who was doing the directing when those drawings were made up? I see no reason why the theater can't be expanded on the inside without losing the ticket booth. As far as the tile...take a look at the beautiful entrance to Lambs Theater to get an idea of what preservation can do if we try.

Candy Tyler

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Comment by Maureen (Rutherford) Nieland on February 24, 2010 at 3:26pm
I know quite a few people that would totally agree, and we all use to go to the 'Village Theater" for yrs. every weekend!! It's a great part of a wonderful history in Coronado. We all hope you can preserve it as "The Way it Was"!!!! Young and old will love this place, I am so gald it is going to be back in action!!!

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