CHS Considers Changing Open Campus Lunch Policy - Coronado Business Owners Input Requested

Coronado parents quoting concerns regarding liability, health, and safety are requesting that the Coronado Unified School District's governing body review Coronado High School's Policy on open campus lunches. The consideration to close the campus for lunch may vastly impact your business and in preparation for the Tuesday, January 14, 2014 "All-Community Forum on Coronado High School's Open Lunch Policy", Coronado SAFE (Student And Family Enrichment) invites Coronado business owners to take this brief survey to state their perspectives and voice their concerns on the issue.

Click here to take the survey.

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Comment by Kim Austin on January 13, 2014 at 9:32am

Having an open campus at lunch is one of the things that makes CHS and Coronado special.  I have two (adult) children who have graduated from CHS and one going into CHS next year.  We live very close to the school and we always loved that our children could come home for lunch with their friends.  We would hate to see this opportunity not be available for our youngest.  I wish the survey was for all residents and not just businesses..

Comment by MIKE GAPP on January 13, 2014 at 12:32pm

Closed campuses are a bad idea for many reasons, including but not limited to conditioning of the students;

There is no logical leap that can make it across the glaring divide between Nurture and Outcome;

If you want these young people to act like convicts, you are certainly helping them along by treating them as such, by imprisoning them in a school.

I doubt anyone is listening that has put their children on the altar of the public schools for sacrifice, but let the record show that I told ya so....

The bar should be kept higher than coughing public students out at the morale level that is the current standard. Public School administrators across the country are consistently demonstrating that they have no regard for Outcome, and no observable accountability.

I think whoever supports this measure should have their own offspring closely observed to see their level of success, and if they have no children, their views should be dismissed immediately.

And to think that I thought, when we began, that homeschooling would simply be a loving and convenient alternative to a positive and vibrant public school experience... holy cow, they are 1984.... or perhaps Animal Factory....

I attended Coronado myself BTW, after attending an inner city gang school, and later teaching in a similar ghetto school, so critics please don't waste your time - you are either part of the problem or you are unwittingly perpetuating it... the only escape right now is in sending your children to another school (there are countless healthy options that public schools officials don't want you to discover, since it takes away their money and control and weakens their unaccountable documented socialist agenda), until the super-powerful Public Schools Teachers Union tries harder to make that illegal. - Facts really spank sometimes, don't they. Sorry about that, truly.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Gapp

Comment by Dana S. Chisholm on January 14, 2014 at 10:15pm

Keep the campus OPEN - pros and cons!

Apparently it only takes a few bad apples – and I’m not talking about the kids. I attended the open forum hosted for the parents and community to learn more about the proposed closure of our high school campus during lunch. If a picture says a thousand words, the list of “pros and cons” to keeping the campus OPEN speaks volumes. I’ll use statistics like the meeting did; 100% of the meeting was in support of keeping the campus OPEN. 

The best comment of the night was when a parent asked, “Who are these board members who are proposing closing it, and when are their terms up?” A round of applause followed. Along with any other comment that was logical – which there were many from parents and students alike who wanted to know, “why are we even talking about this? What is the problem?”  All the “facts” presented showed our students are well behaved during lunch, there were ZERO arrests or complaints according to the police, and the only thing that seemed to prompt this colossal waste of time was “a bunch of emails” from concerned citizens. When pressed for how many is “a bunch” – are we talkin’ five or 50 or 150? – no one would answer the question. Just “a bunch of people have complained”. Well, a bunch of people have told me they want the campus left alone – in fact, 10 times as many people have contacted me saying to keep the campus open. Disprove it – I dare you.   

Local businesses chimed in in support of leaving the campus alone. One student reasoned, “why would you want us all on campus if there really was a shooting, so they could just kill us all at once?” Good point.

Another brilliant question from a student was, “what is the impact to the district budget to close the campus?” And there was no answer to that either. All this discussion and we don’t even have real numbers for budget impact or real number for how many citizens are complaining about our kids not being locked up! How can you have a logical discussion without real facts? And has ANYONE surveyed the teachers and staff? And why are we doing all this research when it was decided just four years ago AND we are facing the biggest budget crisis in our history?  Because two people complained? Not two? Then how many????

The only thing we learned tonight is that it only takes a few bad apples in the bunch to spoil it for everyone – apples who may or may not even have kids in the district.   

There has GOT to be a way to keep this from coming up again in a couple so next time when five (?) grumpy people complain about our kids, we can avoid time consuming meetings and just tell them, “sorry, we would really love to lock our kids up, but we’ve already studied this, and we can’t revisit this topic for 20 years. File your complaint – IN WRITING WITH YOUR NAME ON IT (my name is on this, get a backbone) – in 2034. And watch the vote January 23rd at 4:30pm and then watch when their term is up.  

Comment by MIKE GAPP on January 15, 2014 at 6:10pm

Outstanding report, Miss Dana!

'Makes ya suspect some social engineering is going on.

Mike Gapp

Comment by Dana S. Chisholm on January 16, 2014 at 9:47am

Thanks, Mike :-)

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