Will 'Zonies Boycott Coronado and San Diego this Summer?

Publisher's Note: eCoronado.com has a lot of members from Arizona and we affectionately call them 'Zonies. We hope to see our 'neighbors' enjoying summer vacation and lower temperatures this summer on Coronado. We have been following a few stories in the news about a potential boycott going on right now and wanted to share it with our readers to get their take on it:

Coronado, Not San Diego (San Diego Reader)
On May 17, a male caller to Chip Franklin’s morning show on AM 600 claimed that the Hotel del Coronado was losing reservations from Arizona residents unhappy with the City of San Diego and the San Diego Unified School District’s boycott of Arizona due to their new immigration law.

I spoke with a Hotel Del reservation agent named Jessica, and she confirmed that they have had some cancellations from Arizona because of the boycott, but agents point out that the hotel is in the City of Coronado, not San Diego. She said reservations agents at the Del were surprised at San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders’s pronouncement against Arizona. Full story from the San Diego Reader

Some in Arizona canceling trips to S.D. (Union Tribune)
San Diego tourism leaders and hoteliers fear they could lose a sizable chunk of business this summer from valued “Zonies” who are so angered by elected leaders’ recent censure of Arizona for its illegal-immigration law that they’re mounting an informal boycott of their own.

The San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau and several hotels report receiving e-mails and letters from Arizona visitors saying they intend to change their plans to travel here in light of local outcry over their home state’s anti-illegal-immigration stance.

Tourism officials are striking back. In an open letter, they urge Arizona residents to overlook local politics and come to San Diego just as they always have for its mild climate, beaches and attractions. The visitors bureau, in conjunction with the San Diego County Hotel-Motel Association, plans to circulate the letter to media outlets and in advertising this weekend in The Arizona Republic.

The bureau says it has received about 25 to 30 e-mails from Arizona residents reacting to resolutions passed last month by the San Diego City Council and school board, which were little more than symbolic protests aimed at the neighboring state’s lawmakers. Full story from the Union Tribune

San Diego Faces Own Medicine as Arizona Residents Cancel Travel Following Boycott of State (FoxNews)
Arizona tourists are biting back against San Diego for its city council's decision to boycott the Grand Canyon State over its immigration law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer last month. Full story from FoxNews.com

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Comment by jef on May 19, 2010 at 5:35pm
Coronado City needs to let Arizona and the world know that "CORONADO CITY SUPPORTS STATE'S RIGHTS AND THE RULE OF LAW". There's no need to address, directly, the Arizona Illegal Immigration Law. A "sense of the City" vote on the City Council will go a long way to show our values in support of the Rule of Law. Mayor Tanaka and the Council can let Arizona know that WE are NOT San Diego.

This is a great opportunity to EARN long-term tourist commitments that will benefit our local businesses and help support our local tax base. Last month, Coronado City Council voted 5-0 to create the Coronado Tourism Improvement District or CTID. It was funded with $500,000, mainly a 0.5 percent tax increase on gross room revenues from the 4 major hotels in Coronado. I think an open stand on "the Rule of Law" will get Coronado national media coverage....FREE !!

Mayor Casey Tanaka said, “Our transient occupancy tax (revenue) was $10 million and now its $7 million. That's a painful number to remember.” A door has opened to earn tourist tax dollars for Coronado for $0 cost.
Comment by becky barb on May 20, 2010 at 11:53am
Amen to all of the above
Comment by Patricia Cooley on May 20, 2010 at 11:16pm
Yes, let's get the message out to those Zonies that fill our restaurants, buy groceries for the "Concerts in the Park," spend their money at the pharmacy, buy souvenirs and even buy property here, that we support ARIZONA. How are we going to do this? Call KUSI, have our mayor confirm our support. Call the Arizona Republic to let them know of our support. Call the Union Tribune let them know we support Arizona. Do it now. Coronado needs to make a statement. Let's tell our city council to make a proclamation that "WE LOVE ARIZONA."
Comment by Bruce Johnson on May 24, 2010 at 8:06am
I, my family and almost everyone I have spoken to in Coronado could not agree more with the well stated sentiments above.

We strongly support state's rights and the Rule of Law.Let us make a strong statement of support. We need to stand tall and proud in support of what is right. It's the American way.
Comment by Aleene Sexton Queen on May 25, 2010 at 9:24am
We respect the laws of our country! Arizona is enforcing the law! We love that and we love AZ!
Comment by jimbolaya on May 25, 2010 at 10:30am
I'm sure not too many will boycott but if they do, fine with me - less crowded. Contrary to these other right-wing zealots commenting, what makes this country great is the constitution and the bill of rights. The spirit and letter of both are violated by the Arizona law. The fact that people are breaking the law does not justify a law that violates our constitution.
Comment by Jonathan Burns on May 25, 2010 at 10:50am
I'm sorry but the passed legislation in Arizona targets a group of people by racially profiling them. There are better ways to reduce and regulate illegal immigration. This is not a question of supporting State's right's and rule of Law but of supporting people's civil rights. I have nothing against Zonies, if Zonies are angry by our boycott then we can welcome other tourists from other regions.

Arizona's recent legislation is a step backwards.
Comment by Davey Schmidt on May 25, 2010 at 12:28pm
Well said jimbolaya and Jonathan Burns. I was a little taken back by the early comments and wonder how much they represent the residents of Coronado. We live in Washington and plan on visiting Coronado for our 25 year anniversary. I am disappointed by Arizona's stance. If some Zonies select to boycot Coronado, that is indeed their mistake. We can hardly wait to get down there.
Comment by Patrick on May 25, 2010 at 2:33pm
We are Zonies and are staying at the La Avenida right now. We love Coronado and have been coming for years. I don't live here so I am not going to comment on the Tunnel. You don't live in Tucson so don't comment on our legislation.
Comment by Davey Schmidt on May 25, 2010 at 4:11pm
"You don't live in Tucson so don't comment on our legislation."

Patrick, if your legislation affects the US Constitution and civil rights - as this does - every American has a right and IMO, a responsibility to comment. The San Diego City Council has a right to symbolically protest. Their constituents will let them know if they have represented their city. Zonies canceling their reservations in Coronado is misplaced at best. Enjoy your stay in Coronado you lucky dog.

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